What to bring

What to bring
  • Cooler (40-90 qt) with ice to transport your catch
  • Coolers with wheels are not the best idea on a boat. They tend to roll around a lot if there are waves that day. They are allowed but not preferred.
  • Food- Sandwiches and snacks but no “in the shell” peanuts or sunflower seeds. They make a mess.  Alcohol is allowed, bottles okay but cans are preferred.
  • Warm clothing, it’s usually a lot cooler on the water
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen- lotion sunscreens are preferred over spray. Spray sunscreens tend to get over everything and can also make the deck slippery.
  • Rain gear, if rain is in the forecast.
  • Soft-soled shoes. Cowboy boots not a good idea. I’ve seen this before it wasn’t good.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! If the weather looks warm and you plan on wearing shorts, pack a pair of LONG pants. Occasionally, ankle biting lake flies can be a major issue for some people. They can ruin your Lake Michigan fishing experience if you are not prepared. Bug spray has NO effect on these flies!
  • Everyone on board, 16 years of age or older, needs a valid Wisconsin fishing license with a Great Lakes salmon and trout stamp. We do sell a 2-day WI license on board for $14. The 2-day license is good for both residents and non-residents and no stamp is required. Wisconsin Licenses can also be purchased online here: Wisconsin DNR Website

What To Bring
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