Simple Grilled Salmon 

  • Marinate salmon filet with skin on or off in Italian dressing, lemon pepper, or something similar for a few hours.

  • Get grill nice and hot. Drop filet, skin side up onto the grill.

  • Cook for about 5 minutes, then peel skin away by hand.

  • Carefully flip filet over and cook for about another 5 minutes and you should have filet that’s slightly charred on both sides.


Grilled Salmon in Foil 

  • Place filet skin side down in tin foil. Spread lemon pepper, butter, or any type of marinade onto the filet.

  • Add a few onion slices or maybe some bell pepper slices.

  • Then close foil over the filet to form a cover.

  • Place the package onto a moderately hot grill and cook for less than ten minutes.

  • The fish is done when the meat gets flakey and is a consistent color all the way through. 


Coho Salmon Fish Fry 

This one is a sleeper. To see how this is done, check out the video on YouTube.

  • Take a spring coho filet (smaller spring fish are the best) and remove skin and small strip of pin bones.

  • Cut the remaining meat into smaller pieces, I like them about 1”x3”.

  • Lightly pat them with a paper towel to remove excess moisture.

  • Roll the fish into your favorite frying batter (I like shorelunch) and drop into your Frydaddy or even pan fry.

  • Enjoy!!

From Interstate 94, take Exit #342 (Hwy 158) East. Follow 158 East for 7 miles all the way until it dead-ends at the harbor (6th Ave). Turn North (left) onto 6th Ave and go 2 blocks to the first set of traffic lights which is 50th Street. Turn East (right) on 50th Street . At this point, you will be on a bridge that crosses over the harbor. Immediately after crossing the bridge, turn North (left) onto Kennedy Drive. Follow Kennedy Drive north through a park area for about ¼ mile. As you exit the “park” area, you will come down a gradual hill and see a parking lot and a set of boat launch ramps. Turn left here and look for Harbor Drive. Harbor Drive runs South right along the boat slips. Follow Harbor Drive south for approx 300 yards and you will see a gate labeled DOCK #2.  Find a parking spot and I will meet you right there! There is also a small brick structure right there which has bathrooms. I have a key to them and you are welcome to use them before we head out.  CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST (262)620-1611  

CLOSEST GPS LOCATION -   Enter the intersection of: 45th Street and Kennedy Drive                                                                                               Kenosha, WI 53140


 Click here to download a printable map and directions.

Kenosha is a city and the county seat of Kenosha County in the State of Wisconsin in United States.

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  • Cooler (40-90 qt) with ice to transport your catch.

  • Food and drinks. Alcohol is allowed, bottles okay but cans are preferred.

  • Warm clothing, it's usually a lot cooler on the water.

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Rain gear, if rain is in the forecast.

  • Soft-soled shoes

  • If the weather looks warm and you plan on wearing shorts, pack a pair of long pants. Occasionally, ankle biting flies can be a nuisance. Bug spray has little effect.

  • Everyone on board, 16 years of age or older, needs a valid Wisconsin fishing license with a Great Lakes salmon and trout stamp. We do sell a 2-day WI license on board for $14. The 2-day license is good for both residents and non-residents and no stamp is required. Wisconsin Licenses can also be purchased online here: Wisconsin DNR Website