Lake Trout

Aka “Lakers” or “LT’s” are a very common catch at just about any time of the season. They are also one of the primary native predatory fishes of the Great Lakes. Lakers thrive in cold, deep waters but we have caught them in as shallow as only 6 feet. Although they are very commonly found suspended in the water column, it is also quite common to find them actively feeding near bottom.

We are very fortunate to have them as part of our fishery as they can be a “dependable” catch at times, when salmon and steelhead are scarce.  LT’s are not known as being very acrobatic or explosive fighters but any good sized lake trout will definitely get your arms pumped. Especially if the fish is 100 feet down when you hook him! Lake trout are probably not the best fish for the bbq but they are, without a doubt,  my most favorite fish to have smoked. Lake trout are fall spawners and usually migrate to deepwater reefs and occasionally near shore structures to spawn. We are allowed to keep 3 Lake Trout per day.   Lake trout average 5-15lbs but fish over 20lbs are not uncommon. I know of several Lake Trout taken in the Kenosha area that legitimately weighed over 37lbs!