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Stellar Sportfishing Charters LLC.


Simply put, Rich Tanner's Stellar Sportfishing Charters LLC has established itself as one of Lake Michigan's premier charter services. We have been aggressively charter fishing the waters off Kenosha since 2001 and are now operating 2 full-time boats. We serve the public with 2 trips daily, 7 days a week from mid-April through mid-October. Catching salmon and trout on Lake Michigan is our full-time business. All tackle is provided and no prior fishing experience is necessary. It is our pleasure to introduce newcomers to the great sport of fishing. Our #1 goal at Stellar Sportfishing Charters LLC is providing you with a fun and memorable experience. Whether you are interested in entertaining important clients, getting on the water with some old friends, or just looking to have a nice day on the lake with the family, Stellar Sportfishing Charters LLC is your #1 choice.

Captain Rich Tanner
Charter Fishing Lake Michigan
Port of Kenosha, Wisconsin
Simmons Island Marina (Dock #2, Slip #113)
(262) 620-1611


54 Miles from Chicago, IL
34 Miles from Milwaukee, WI
200 Miles from Moline, IL
235 Miles from Cedar Rapids, IA
340 Miles from Des Moines, IA
345 Miles from St. Louis, MO
370 Miles from Minneapolis, MN