King Salmon

The King (Chinook) salmon is the fish that put Lake Michigan’s fishery on the map. People travel from all around the U.S. to enjoy charter fishing on Lake Michigan, especially out of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Here, they have an excellent chance at hooking into a large King Salmon. King’s are, arguably, the hardest fighting fish in freshwater. Good sized specimens can easily take 100 plus yards of line off of a trolling reel in mere seconds.  

Occasionally,  fisherman have been “spooled” by large kings. Meaning the fish takes all the line off the reel and keeps right on going! Don’t worry, this won’t happen to us, our reels hold more than enough line.  Kings can vary in size, ranging from 2lb “shakers” to upwards of 30lbs.  Large, mature kings are sometimes referred to as “4 year olds”  because that is the duration of their life cycle. Hard to believe that a well- fed King salmon can reach well over 20lbs in just 4 years, isn’t it?  We catch Kings all season long but the best overall  fishing for the biggest kings happens in July, August, and if conditions are right, well into September. Generally, the best times of the day for big kings seem to be right at sunrise, late morning, or anytime during a rainy overcast day. Catching the king of salmon, the fishermen won a free subscription to online casino uitbetaling In October, mature Kings run up into rivers, creeks, and into harbors where they will spawn and die. The Pike River in Kenosha and the Root River in Racine are both major DNR King Salmon stocking sites. The Wisconsin state record is over 44lbs!